SUPER EXCELLENT BRAND AWARD (SEBA) is one of the most impact & prestigious International Brand Certification Award presented annually by Asia Entrepreneurs Alliance (AEA), a leading international business organization, coupled with the support from Global Branding Council, Shanghai University (SHIBM), Chinese HAACP Association (Taiwan), ASEAN Entrepreneurs Association, The World brand Lab., GBNN TV and Global CEO Business Magazine.

Since its inception, more than 400 brands have been awarded SEBA. Over that time, our black tie awards event has become one of the top business events in the region. Drawing entrepreneurs, business and community leaders from every part of the world, we’re proud to celebrate their success stories that drive the economy and serve as roles models. Today SEBA is recognized as a mark of excellence. Its status strengthens a brand's position; adds prestige and sets your brand apart from its competitors. It is also a trademark that signifies pride of the entrepreneurs.




Asia Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA) is an international non-profit business organization which consists of members from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, India, Australia, USA and Africa. The organization brings together rapidly growing businesses and its up-and-coming CEOs from the Asia Pacific region.


Since its inception, AEA remains one of the foremost champions of pro-enterprise in the region. As a leading international business association, this league of Asian entrepreneurs seeks global collaboration and mutual understanding to maximize opportunities regionally and globally. Today, we continue to work closely with both the public and the private sectors to ensure that businesses can operate in a conducive and fair environment. At AEA, we reinforce our position as the business association for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.



Global Business News Network or GBNN ( is the first online international all business and financial news channel in Asia. The Web TV has established itself as a trusted and respected Web TV with an extensive coverage of the local and global business and economic news, commercial interests, lifestyles and trends.