A Brand is the most valuable real estate in the world – a corner of the consumer’s mind. Great brands are much more than a slogan, a logo, a campaign or a product. A great brand is the promise to always deliver value for money. It represents an image that is unique, timeless and that consumers can identify with.


Malaysia Power Brand Award celebrates and recognizes those who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic brands. It is also a trademark that signifies pride of the entrepreneurs. The motive behind organizing this gigantic activity is to inspire the business and corporate community of Malaysia about the significance of global phenomena of brand empowerment.

Our aim is to place Malaysia among those nations which are considered as economic giants because of their globally marketed leading brands. In order to achieve these objectives we are striving

  • To create brand culture and to identify & promote brand excellence in Malaysia.
  • To uplift the branding standards in Malaysia for international recognition




ASIA ENTREPRENEUR ALLIANCE (AEA) is an international non profit business organization consisting of members from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, India, Australia, Kenya and USA . One of its objectives is to bring together the Asia-Pacific region’s rapidly growing businesses and their up-and-coming CEOs.

Since its inception, AEA remains one of the foremost champions of pro-enterprise in the region. As a leading international business association, this league of Asian entrepreneurs seeks global collaboration and mutual understanding to maximize opportunities regionally and globally. Today, we continue to work closely with both the public and the private sectors to ensure that businesses can operate in a conducive and fair environment. At AEA, we reinforce our position as the business association for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.




GLOBAL BUSINESS NEWS NETWORK | GBNN TV is the first online international all business and financial news channel in Asia. GBNN TV has established itself as a trusted and respected Web TV with an extensive coverage of the local and global business and economic news, commercial interests, lifestyles and trends. 


GLOBAL CEO” is a publication of Chinese - English bilingual international business magazine with unique and characterized attributes combining business, lifestyle and leisure in one. It is principally tailored for Entrepreneurs, professionals, sensor and top management personnel, bankers and financial elites. it mainly targets readers aged between 26 to 70 with middle-to-high income and well-educated, stylish and fun loving.